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The Unspoken Book Club

A recent article by Jess McHugh in the Washington Post explores the history of what has become known as the "Book Club." In it, McHugh unpacks how it was a creation of necessity, a way for women to get around the education institutions they had been locked out of. Over time these reading circles became not only a place to discuss literature, but a social network for women, a place to find support, and a way to tackle the most difficult moments of life.


This concept is at the heart of Unspoken. Four women, very different by nature, brought together by their book club, and because of that, empowered to speak out and speak up about the most difficult experiences in their lives.


It is my hope that Unspoken will help champion the important dialogue around sexual abuse. The Unspoken Book Club Series was created to give intention to this goal. To bring focus to the invaluable institution that is the Book Club. To quote Dr. Christy Craig in McHugh's Washington Post piece: "Talking about literature is not only about talking about literature. It is also examining one's ideas, identities, thoughts, sense of self..."

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